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Tenant Move Out - Dog Stains on Carpet

Our tenant just moved out (with an approved dog) and we discovered about 5 bright yellow dog urine stains on the beige carpet. Even after a professional carpet cleaning the bright stains remain. The carpet was new when she moved in 2.5 years ago. Do other landlords keep the full amount required to re-carpet the unit (downstairs) or do you keep a fraction? Any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated.

I would take the amount needed to fix the damages. If you are re-carpeting the whole house and there is the stains in one room, you would only charge the deposit for the one room.
For the future.......if your lease states no pets, create an addendum allowing a pet. Include info on pet, picture of pet, tenant forfeits right to clean rugs after moving and landlord will have rugs cleaned and tested for urine at tenant's cost, landlord may inspect and test for urine anytime upon giving proper notice.  As for how much to charge tenant depends on how bad are the stains (do they stand out) and if it could be considered wear/tear or did the urine damage the pad and stain the flooring under pad. IRS allows 5 yr depreciation. This alows you to claim 21/2 yrs  or 1/2 the cost for that area replacement. Check with your CPA.
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