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month to month rental agreement (LR page 1 of 6) rev4/11 page 4

Paragraph #33 insurance. Question. My management company broker/landloard has sent me a second notice stating she is requiring all of her properties she manages to carry renters insurance. Now can she evict me if I dont carry it. I'm 62 on social security I barely eat. I no its to protect me but I truly cannot afford it. The last sentence I need some to clarify for me. It reads tenant shall comply with any requirement imposed in tenant by lanloards  insurer to avoid an increase in landloards insurance premium or tenant shall pay the increase in premium or loss of insurance. Now I take it she got a insurance increase on this property can I pay the difference. I understand that if they cancel her then I would have to pay the whole insurance on this place. Now do I have the right to ask her who her insurance carrier is and ask her how much the insurance was and pay the difference. I have rec quotes 120.00 a year up to 190 a year. I rented this place sight unseen it had no floor covering in the kitchen. Its slipping off its foundation no smoke or carb detcetor. Elements grass growing thru the walls. The bedroom closet air is seeping thru the walls. Should I contact the property owner. I need a reply. Respectfully submitted I cannot afford renters ins. I rent from a slum lord. I filled out a mimo gave it to her with pictures stating all this I had to pay to take all trash in the back yard off. I called to ask if someone could clean the place they said they would send some but they never did. It took me and my partner 40 hours to clean it up total 80 hours. The rent is cheap and I cannot afford to move. She sent me a year in statemen for  4 years I told her I am month to month it doesn't apply to me. I went in I balanced the year 2012. She called and demanded I come back in to balance her books. She said I owed her 275.00 back rent for 2012 2013 2014  2015 and 2016. I have all my receipts tolld her her books are her bussines not mine and suggested she hire a professional bookeeper. Now how many other properties is she trying to scam because they don't keep receipts.  Help please anyone wh can answer my questions. She is a licensed realeste brooker.
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They cannot require that in the middle of an existing lease unless they get you to agree and sign to it or have you sign a new lease. If you do not agree to it they do have the right to not renew and in some areas evict.
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