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breaking the lease early

What is the typical early termination fee when a tenant breaks a lease early?  My tenant only stayed 1 month of a 12 month lease and has not paid the current months rent.

I would charge at least one months rent, or however much you required for the security deposit. you also should receive the money for the month they stayed. Technically they signed a lease for 12 months and are responsible to pay for the full twelve months but when I allow an early termination, I require them to pay at least one month!
Did you mention any clause related to breaking the lease? In my rental agreement, agents at Cloud Real Estate made sure this clause is mentioned.
2 months plus forfeit of deposit, in the lease, signed and initialed from day 1, so there are no misunderstandings. I also reserve the right to make exceptions as I see fit as life is not always predictable. If I can re-rent without losing a month, I  will return the second month's rent money.
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