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Advised of Lease Renewal 6 or 12 Month Tenant wants 30 days

Advised tenant of lease renewal 32 days before expiration both in writing and via text. Tenant did not answer, waited two days and texted again. Tenant said he would like a 30 day lease. Offered a 6 month lease. Tenant did not answer for a few days and said you are not giving me many choices and are forcing him to move. Now he wants a 3 month lease which will make November 31, 2016 the expiration date. When I told him we are not interested in a 3 month lease, he said he is out of town & busy and will tell us his decision next week.  He also refused a electronic copy of his existing lease, since he had a paper one at home. Reviewed my lease. We can give him 30 days notice at anytime upon conclusion of lease. Tenant pays on time, but have not inspected unit in a year. Set up an appointment to inspect on Monday. Our rental is in the Galleria Area of Houston and the lease was created by a licensed realtor. Personally do not want a lease to end around the holidays and think it would be easier to rent out in September. Tenant has not explained if he is buying a place, changing jobs, losing jobs, etc. He has always been reasonable to deal with in the past and we are baffled by the closed communication and curt responses. Have any advise or ideas on how to handle this situation?  We have always responded quickly to any of his maintenance requests or inquiries.
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By 30 day lease - meaning month to month -
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