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Hi,  How do I go about addressing roommate on the lease?  At the time of this writing, I have a tenant about to sign a lease with his partner, but they would like a couple of roommates to share in the rent. The roommates are not definite yet.  What are our options to address it on the lease? What are the good and bad about these options.  Can we have just the tenant and his girlfriend on the lease and on a  separate form show all the additional occupants residing there as they are added?   Change the lease each time a roommate is added - adding everyone to the amended lease.

I would use an amendment to add the additional tenants to the lease as the roommates are added. Making it clear that the roommates are responsible in the lease as well.
If I understand you question correctly, I would definitely require all roommates to sign the lease. Having everyone sign the lease ensures that everyone in the home has had an opportunity to learn about the rules and has agreed to follow them. However, then you need to collect the rent from each of them separately. If only one person sigh the lease, then you can hold that roommate responsible for the entire lease payment.
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