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are all adults in a rental property required to be on lease?

i have a question. I am a landlord and am making a lease for a husband and wife. They have a 25 year old daughter who will live with them. Should i run a background check on her as well? does she need to be on the lease also?

You will only want to do checks on the parties that are responsible for the rent. If the 25 year old daughter is not responsible for the lease, then she will be considered an occupant.
See if you can run her name for any criminal cases.  I also like to have any adults in the home sign the lease.   more people responsible to make sure its paid.
I always think the more names you can get on a lease the better. Since shes 25 I would have her on the lease she is a adult. If for some reason you need to go to court to get rent you'll have more people to try to get money from.
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