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60 Day Notice Requirement prior to expiration of Lease

Illinois law requires that Tenants and Landlords provide a minimum of 60 days written Notice of Intent to renew/ extend or not renew Lease.  An example; If Lease expires on August 31st, tenant and landlord are required to give notice no later than June 30th.  If a landlord provides the 60 day advance notice to renew, but tenant does not provide notice and waits to respond to landlords offer until July 31, what recourse does a Landlord have if tenant decides not to stay?  In essence, the tenant has not provided the 60 day prior /advance notice of their intent?  Dilemma...can anyone offer an answer or help with this ?
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Hello, the landlord would have the right to retain the full security deposit to cover months of vacant property as well as seek money to help cover any extra time or money lost. This would mostly be taken up in small claims court.  Make sure if you do take this path to itemize and send notice of why you are keeping the security and any other monies owed.
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