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Re: Can an owner charge??

Can an owner charge tenants vacating for items she left in the house that are now missing? Eg. microwave, toaster oven, carpet shampooer, outside lamp on porch? Even carpeting that she "told" the tenant that she could take up as long as she puts something down when vacating from the house that she spoke to her individually about? She is putting prices on these items she left and charging the tenant vacating from the premises. There was no mention of these items in the lease.  Thank you!

I don't think this is allowed if its not in the lease. Where is the proof?
Thank you for your response. Yes, I agree. The carpeting that they spoke together about should have been their agreement when the tenant vacated.  I should have added the items eg. toaster oven, microwave, lamp, carpet shampooer, etc. to the lease if I knew that she wanted to return for them sometime in the future! It I knew I would have suggested that she bundle them and put them away until she could come and pick up!
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