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Tenant hoarding

I have a single middle age woman that is hoarding. The conditions have me concerned for her health and safety. I do yearly inspections on the properties to check the structures and to observe any safety issues that the tenants can overlook. 1 tenant has had personal situations that i believe have created depression for her. The situations include a daughter moving off to college, and a sister passing away and acquiring most if her possessions. There are only path ways through her units and garbage through out. We have dealt with this already for 2 years and are approaching another safety inspection. In the past we had to make weekly visits to check for improvement, and then she starts putting us off. We have pictures of each year on file and in anticipation of a repeat of the last 2 years are not looking forward to this years inspection. Any suggestions on how to word a termination letter in regards to deplorable conditions. Ultimately I am concerned for her health and safety, but she is slso depriciating my properties value. Thank you for any input

Dana, you have a serious situation on your hands.  My suggestion is to do a monthly inspection for 120 days out with a notice to correct the problem within 90 days.  If she does not, I would not renew the lease for safety and health reasons.  It is a liability on you, if the property catch fire or someone get hurt, and you knew the situation, you can be liable.  There is no real reason that has to be given for not renewing the lease.  You have that option.
Inspect the property.  take pictures.  Give her the 21 day notice to cure or vacate, go back in three weeks if its not corrected move to evict.
Be aware that hoarding is a recognized mental illness and you might meet with legal resistance when trying to deal with her or evict her.  This is one situation that requires legal advice.  I had hoarders in a 525 s.f. condo.  As soon as the mess became clear, they declared that any attempts to remove them would be met with a lawsuit.  What a nightmare.  Luckily for me,  they got a dog without permission and I used THAT to evict them.  That poor dog.  The place was already to small,  they didn't walk him,  he had almost no space to walk in the apartment.
When is her lease up?  You do not have to have any reason to send a non-renewal notice as long as you send it within the amount of time agreed to in the lease before the lease ends. At my attorney’s recommendation, I always send my non-renewals at least  60 days ahead of time, even though my leases say 30 days notice is needed.  I serve them in person if possible to get a signature receipt.   The forms you need are all here on-site. Then, if she refuses to vacate, hire an real-estate eviction lawyer. You will need one
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