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Tenant moved boyfriend in

Hello, I have an apartment that is attached yo my house.  I have a new tenant that moved her boyfriend in.. This effects my house hold for various reasons, we only have a certain gallon hor water tank, inernet streaming issues,,parking etc.i only want one person .  she refuses to move him out.   She is the inly one on the lease.  i want him out.    any advice? i also have a guest clause in my lease.

I would send her a violation letter for unauthorized person living there.  Give her 7 days to remedy, I think it is.  at the same time i would  also give her a 30 day notice of increased rent for unauthorized person... Is she a month to  month or year lease?  if yearly, I would inform  her she she is in violation of lease and if evicted, she will be evicted and will owe for full amount of remaining lease term.  If month to month I would just evict her,  If you are already having problems this is just the beginning...
Shes a yearly, your right last night she flipped cigarettes into my pool, so strange, has trash on the balcony, big trash ..i thank you for your reply. Kim
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