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Tenant upgrades

My tenant has installed window blinds, new carpet, fixtures etc.  He also replaced and painted trim board.  He never asked or had the items approved as required by the lease.  In an email I told him the items were at his cost and would not be returned.   Since they are upgrades and attached.  Is he allowed to remove them and replace with old trim and carpet?  My rental is not just any rental but my home while I am away.   He also has retextured the walls with an unapproved texture. Washington State laws only please.  Suze
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Most lease agreements include a clause preventing the tenant from making unauthorized alterations or repairs to the rental unit. However, even if the lease is silent on alterations and repairs, the tenant is not permitted to make them unless he/she has landlord authorization. If the tenant makes any  alterations or repairs, the landlord may be able to bring an eviction proceeding and collect damages. I would definitely contact an attorney.
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