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Broken Lease Michigan.

I have a tenant who signed a 1 year lease. they gave me in written notice that they are moving and gave me a 60 day notice. I reviewed their lease agreement and there wasn't anything in their about a "break fee". Am I able to keep a portion of their security deposit for the time it takes me to re-rent the unit? Michigan Law.  Thank you

The tenant is responsible for rent until you find a new tenant or the lease term is up, whichever comes first.
Thank you for you reply. I was able to find out from legal source that ( in Minnesota)it is indeed a legally binding agreement and tenant must continue to pay until landlord is able to  find a new tenant.  As long as tenant continues to pay her rent until new tenant signs a lease, the landlord, should give  her the damage deposit back. If she fails to pay, Landlord is entitled to keep damage deposit as lost rent.  I immediately listed the apartment when I received her letter of intent to break lease. A cost I can deduct from the damage deposit. I only wish tenants would take a signed lease seriously. Thank you.
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