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Taking applications

My question is regarding the proper procedure in taking applications to make sure I stay within the law.  My concern is about the party who does not get the property claims discrimination.  Normally I take applications in order.  This policy of screening in order of application received solves all problems.  So at the end of the walk through I offer an application and tell them to email me if they wish to submit.  If they inquire further about what I need while at the property I ask them to submit 2 pay stubs and a copy of their DL.  At that point they are instructed to drop all of this at the home and we run and get it, as we are close.  This normally works great and the extra steps proves they want it.  Its part of my screening.    New scenario and I have concerns about the above mentioned so its important I do this right.  So here is the scenario:   3 parties applying.  Party 1 puts in app w/two apps & the fee pending .   Party 1 can not qualify without other 2 apps.  Party 1 is set aside.  Party 2 puts in 1 of 2 apps  fee attached.  In party 2, the app I hold is qualified without the second app.  Party 2 also has a qualifying credit score.  I was processing party 2 and hit a bump we may or may not be able to fix.  The bump is outside of our control and may be able to be fixed with some additional paper work and time.  I am clearly willing to try and fix our issue otherwise I would not still be considering party 2's application and would move on to party 3.  Party 3 put in an app the same time as party w fee attached.  Party 3 does not have a qualifying credit score on either app.   Party 3 has questionable income.  I was going to process party 3 after party 2.    In my state I am allowed to set my deposit amount.  The amount of the deposit depends on peoples credit score, income, employment and general mathematical risk assessment.     Input would be appreciated.  I would like to note, this is the trouble caused by lowering my criteria even if I am allowed to increase my deposit to cover my risk.  I failed to close the deal with a qualified applicant due to the chaos created by lowering my criteria.   I thought the higher deposit was great idea and it was suggested by fair housing.  However this is a mess I never dealt with.    I have lost time and money by not setting a high slandered and not waiting for the the 1 or 3 who qualifies and then signing a lease with the first one to submit and sign.

Oh my gosh I am sorry for the wall, I had paragraphs before I sent.
Soooooo, what's the question?
Can you process more than one application at a time?
I am not cashing any fees or doing any tenant checks at the same time.  I also return fees to people I screen out before the tenant check.    So can I discuss terms, check references, and discuss security deposits with more than one at a time?
Using this method you could process several applicants at one time and not worrying about collecting / returning fees.......Suggest to potential tenants to sign up with a credit agency. Once they fill out their info all they have to do is give the agency your email address. You will be notified by the agency on how to review the applicant credit history at no cost to you. The applicant only pays a one time fee for this service and can give authorization to as many landlords as they need to.
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