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month to month lease change

If I have a tenant on a month to month lease do I have the option to change them to a year lease.

I would send them a renewal document with the option to add a year term and have them sign.
The answer to your question is YES.......However, I would not give them an option. Contact tenant and mention that you plan on placing them on a 1 yr. lease and if they are agreeable to that. If they state NO and you really want to switch to a 1 yr lease, send tenant a Notice to Vacate and look for new tenants.
I wish to have the condo to ourselves . The tenant is on Month to Month Lease. How do I send a Non renewal Notice? and how many days of Notice is to be given? The condo is managed by Realtors,
Google search....  Month-to-Month Lease Termination Letter ca
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