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no pets, on lease

I have it listed on the lease NO PETS.  But the tenant got a cat.  I allowed it after the fact with an addition security deposit and additional rent per month.  Tenant agreed.  Then Tenant got a dog after the fact again in addition to the cat and I allowed it again with an addition security deposit and additional rent again. Tenant agreed to that again.  Tenant now broke the lease and left in March and lease ends in June.  I was going to allow him to break the lease and pay up to April.  I was going to keep the pet deposits and give back the 1.5 original security deposit.  There was a little damage to carpet (250.)  and pet smell in apartment that I had to take care of. The apartment was somewhat cleaned and big nail holes spackled.  He told me that he got rid of the kitty litter clumps down the toilet.  I told him not to do that anymore and to bag it the put in the garage.  Worried about septic line issues later on.     His complaint was it was illegal for me to ask for more then 1.5 security deposit and wants it all back expect the price to repair the carpet.  and he quoted this  "The security deposit cannot be more than one and one-half times one month’s rent. (21) It can be less. Any additional yearly security deposit increase may not exceed 10% of the current security deposit. A landlord may not charge a pet security deposit if it exceeds one and one-half times one month’s rent when combined with the regular security deposit." (This comes from the NJ Security Deposit Laws, and the Truth in Renting Brochure). "  Now I want to hold to the lease and keep the security deposits all together because the lease was no finished and paid for. He ended paying the rent for March, as he moved out and left key in the apartment.  Still owing April, May and June.  Thoughts?
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