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esign not working!?

Anyone else having issues with esign not working? I hit send once, and my tenants never got it. Now, it won't even prompt me to send to tenants for esign at all!

I have the same issue.  I click on it and nothing.  No notificaion e-mail, nothing.  I put in a message for "live support" hopefully they will be able to get me some info.    Does any one know if they have admins checking these message boards?
We are having the same problem - my tenant received the online application, he was able to open it, fill it out but it won't save it and he can't submit it.  My "Forms" dashboard doesn't even show that I sent the application to him.
Similar issue. Tenant says they signed it but the system keeps telling me that the email wasn't even read.
Esign isn't working for me either :( I want to put  a sublease agreement within a lease agreement.
Did anyone get it to work??
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