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Pending Lease

I allowed a potential tenant to send their deposit before signing their lease. I sent them confirmation that I received their deposit(s). I have not yet heard back from the tenant (who is very good at messaging back). I will try to get ahold of them again tomorrow. I sent the lease via e sign....Is there any way to cancel the lease? I have no problem sending their $ back since there was no lease signed, I just don't want to send the money back and they come and try to sign the lease.

i would contact the support for the ez site and see if there is a cancel button or something.
You don't have to send a lease with a deposit.  Contract only legally binding with a signed lease agreement as long as you have proof of money trail. I would even send certified mail stating money was returned & potential leasing cancelled. Now this makes me want to clearly define how long someone has to execute the lease with a deposit
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