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Question about leasing

to give the landlord the keys the 31st/ today but when I talked to him on the phone about April's and the security deposit he said that I broke the lease and technically owe a years worth of rent and he doesn't know if I'm going to get the 1000 back( security deposit and 1 months rent) how should i approach this because i did nothing wrong, was not arrested and was told to be out and he was changing the locks? I was going to live above his business and I understand that having cops there is bad for business but I had nothing to do with what happened. How should I proceed and shouldn't I get that money back since technically

him telling me all this and me complying would either be a mutual agreement or him breaking the lease himself? I just need advice because I feel like I'm out of money and a place that I can no longer afford anyways because of what happened. ( the rest of the message above wouldnt let me post the whole thing)
I was renting a property and paid 2 months rent and the security deposit. The lease signed was one of the templates on this site, I have not lived at this residence as of yet but my fiance was and got arrested.  The lease has no specifics on what would break the lease or even a clause about it, I was notified about her being arrested  and was told to be out of the apartment and he was changing the locks. I was embarrassed by what happened and did not know what to say or do so I apologized to the landlord and have since then moved out the things in the apartment. The lease was set to move in the 1st of March and end March of next year.i am to**
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Doesn't sound like you broke the lease.  I believe the template says no illegal activity but that would be referring to activity at the property.  You've paid the rent and have possession.  Even if you did violate the lease the landlord can't just change the locks he needs to go through the legal process of evicting you.
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