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ESA comfort pet

I have a no pet policy for my rentals. I found out a prospective tenant I approved through EZ Landlord told a current tenant who works in law enforcement she is planning on moving in first and then getting a ESA comfort pet authorization letter to get a dog in the unit for 'safety.'   From what I read, I would have to allow the comfort pet animal in. However, I have a neighbor who suffers from allergies and AND my other tenant, it's a duplex, moved in under the stipulation there would be no pets on the property.   I thought I would write in the lease next to No Pets also, NO ESA Comfort Animals, but would that be legally binding under current law? What's the best way out of this?   Can I just decline her application on second thought, or be upfront and tell her? I don't want to put my source in jeopardy.
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False pretense. She is trying to hijack your rental. You have no moral obligation to the truth, since she first violated trust.
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