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Tennant added a 220 in basement without permission

Our Tennant had a friend who is not a licensed electrician and to the breaker box a 220 so that they can use a tanning bed in the basement.  They did not ask permission.  I'm really upset about it as the contract says we need written requests for improvements.  What can I do.  I'd like to have them pay a professional licensed electrician to check out the friends work.  Does this sound unreasonable?

Defiantly have a licensed electrician check it out make sure that a permit doesn't need to be pulled.  The tenant should be billed for any expenses.
Thank you Scott!
They've violated their lease by making this "improvement" without your notice.  I'd send them written notification that they are NOT to use the tanning bed or any appliance requiring use of the 220 line until a licensed electrician has validated proper installation and township permit authorization (if required), which shall be completed at the expense of the tenant.  (I'd contact an electrician and obtain the cost to "inspect".  Include in the letter that IF the electrician does not feel the installation was safe that he will remove the box OR properly re install the box, also at the tenants expense.   By putting this in writing you are making them liable for any damages that incur before an electrician inspects.  I'd also have the tenant pay up front.
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