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Wisconsin Expired lease (from 2013) tenant has remained; need to sell place how much notice to move out?

So, I have let my tenant stay on since the initial lease expire Sun July 2013. I have made the decision to put my place on the market. My tenant is disgruntled and is asking how many days notice she needs to give me per the lease. When we were under contract, I had put in 45 days notice. As we are no longer under a current lease, is there a rule of thumb to use? I’m assuming we are “month to month” as she’s been paying and I’ve been taking it.  I am curious would you use the standard 30 days or extend the option of 45 days we had in the lease?
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First did you try to see if the tenant would/can buy the property?  I'd try that and discount it for saving the realtor fees.  Since the lease said 45 days usually all the terms and conditions of the original lease should remain in effect when it switches to month to month.  So I'd make sure I gave her at least the 45 days notice.   If she finds another place and wants to move out earlier I'd just let her go, assuming she has been a good tenant for the last 6 years.
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