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Unstable tenant and owner who is in escrow to sell property

I have a tenant with 2 children who's contract expired and is on a bi weekly rent as she was informed she could stay as long as she agreed to show the place as it was for sale? We're now in escrow and I verbally told her that the place was in escrow and she could stay till the end of June and she paid the rent through June 30th I gave her a 21 day notice to vacate which gave her till July 14th provided she pay on July 1st . She never paid and unfortunately the condo developed a slab leak with several rooms damaged and ceiling upstairs water dripping. I told her the house is uninhabitable and I would refund her 5 days rent to get another place. I also told her I wouldn't charge her rent for belongings as long as they were out by there 14th of July. She says she has her tenant rights and is threatening to seek an attorney. What do I do? Chat started
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Non payment of rent first of all is an automatic 3 day notice to vacate, fortunately.  I was initially concerned when u said you have her a 21 day notice bc Texas it's 30 days.  But since not payment then its legal.  Sounds like u will have to evict her.  First u can Start with the certified notice vacate first & state why: (non payment).  Then go through eviction process in your state. Keep all documents,  follow your law.  Wish I knew CA.  Good luck
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