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Breaking a one year lease 6 months early....

My tenants have just informed me through email that they will be leaving in approx 60 days or less.  I am in a different state so this makes it very hard on me.  I will need to go to the rental state, check out the rental after they leave and then screen and find a new renter in a short amount of time.  Then travel back home.  they have offered for me to keep security deposit or they even offered to pay for remaining time.  I want to be fair and I'm not sure what that is...they have recommended a new person to move in but this person is a very young person that makes only double the amount of rent a month...not sure how she will manage.  I do not want to take advantage but seriously, what's the point in having a lease if they are allowed to break it?  6 months is a long time and a lot of money....not to mention the hassle.  How do I handle this?

Hello and welcome to the forum. While there is no legal cap on the amount of money they can charge you to break your lease, under California law a landlord is required to mitigate damages caused by your departure. This means that they must make a reasonable effort to re-rent as soon as they find out you're leaving. Per Google
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