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Prospective Tenant Doesn't honor agreement

I have been waiting on a deposit from a prospective tenant and he has told me two different dates that is was overnighted by UPS. Last time he said he would track it and call me back.  Did not hear from him again.  I relisted the house and am going to show it this week to several interested people.  Meanwhile, I finally get the envelope and the tracking shows that he did not mail it until after the 3rd phone call.  Can I decline him and just give his deposit back to him? Candie

Attachment to the 30 days’ Notice.  Month to Month Rental Agreements signed on July 1, 2018 has been Violated: (Please go to Section for information)   Violations:  Page 1 Residential /Month to Month/Lease Agreement Section #5 Use & Occupancy Property. A and B. Explanation: Section A-You are in violation of your Month to Month Rental Agreement. You have an unauthorized occupant living in the Rental Premises (207 East "A" Street, Port Hueneme, Ca. 93041 as of July 2018. The Occupant has a White Nissan Truck parked in the Premises. This is only permitted with the written permission of the Landlord.                          Section B-Changes in the premises have been altered. 1. Carport you have placed a storage cabinet, which recently I had asked to be removed and has not been removed as of 8/3/2018. Only cabinet that I have agreed were the white cabinets that have been recently installed. 2. Room door has been removed without written consent.        Pet Addendum: An unauthorized Pet (Large dog) has been discovered in the premises. Month to Month Rental Agreement has no pets approved. This pet is with the unauthorized occupant that drives the white Nissan truck.   You have violated Month to Month Rental Agreement.
Yes if you have not signed  the lease
Have you both signed the lease?
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