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Adding Tenant on existing llease

Hi , We have tenant who wants to add her boyfriend on the existing lease ( it says $200 for adding a person),but he doesn't want to be on the Lease Agreement. Is this safe for us?

If he is living there you'd have to treat him as a tenant to evict him anyway.    It is good for you from the stand point of now you would have two people responsible for paying the lease and two people to go after if you have to sue for damages.  Make sure to use a roommate agreement addendum,  and that the understand that they are equally and severally libel to make the payments.  You can also start a new lease term and sign them up for another year.   It's bad from the stand point if they break-up you'll can dragged into removing him from the lease or other issues with who's moving out.      Another option is tell her just to create a written agreement between the two of them where she has him agree to pay her half the costs of the apartment while he lives there.  Basically she would be sub-leasing to him on a month to month basis and it doesn't involve you, but covers her that he agreed to share expenses.
Is it a flat fee of 200 to add him or do you mean 200 a month?
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