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Lease Renewal Vs Month to Month basis

I have a question regarding the Florida Residential Lease Package I prepared for my tenant. the lease had a start date of January 1, 2016 and has automatically renewed each year as per the Lease Renewal section of the lease. My tenant is now telling me that because she is now beyond a two year period, under Florida law she is now on a month to month basis. If this is true why would the Florida instructions not have provided for that.

I go with this I offer a two year lease no raise in rent, A one year lease $25 a month increase if she wants to stay Month to month then anywhere from 50-100 a month increase. depending on the property.
I think your tenant is trying to pull one over on you.  I perused this very helpful guide and it says nothing like that.  Nor could I find any information by Googling it.  I would offer to change the lease to month to month with a ten percent rent increase...if she demands flexibility,  she needs to pay for it.
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