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Dogs / Breach of Contract / Deposit $$ /

I have a strict policy of no animals.  We are tired of replacing yards & flooring everytime someone moves out.  I just had the wood floors replaced and all new carpeting, to find out they had 2 puppies for 2 weeks in the home.  They both work so the puppies do what puppies do.  I want to know if they forfeit their deposit?  Or what is the repercussion?  He is moving out and is asking about the deposit.  the girlfriend is staying.  she is the one who told me about the puppies and of his smoking pot in the house.
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Tell them deposits are ONLY returned after both parties vacate, not just one. Once all parties vacate, assess the damage and deduct. Until that happens, tell him "good luck with all your future endeavors". As for the "Pot" issue, as he's moved out it's now a dead issue. When one of my tenants call me and say "Someone is smoking pot in the laundry room/hall/window/anywhere on my property!" I respond "Next time I'll need you to call the police first and me second. As a landlord, I can only react upon what the police do"
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