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Guest - Pennsylvania

I have a tenant whose new boyfriend has been staying with her more than 4 nights a week for the past few months. I never received a notice from her. Is this a violation of her lease?  Should I add him to the lease as occupant and do I need to run a credit check?  Also, what if I need to remove him as a guest, what are the repercussions?

I have a clause in my leases that state "Noone not listed on lease can visit longer than 3 days a week and no more than weeks per year without written consent from the landlord. Landlord has option to issue 60 day notice if tenant is in violation." Depending on the state, that gives you some say but it can be iffy. In WI, the only way I can prove cohabitation is if the visitor is having mail sent to the address. As it seems no such clause is in your lease, I would notify the tenant with a "It has come to my attention that...blah, blah. If you want me to add this individual to the lease, then fill out an application and I will decide. If not, then I will consider this a violation of the existing lease and consider the best action to take." Wait for an answer. Once the lease ends, start throwing the above clause into new ones. For me, the big issue is insurance. My insurance covers accident and injury to leased, named tenants.
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