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discount 6651 NH Flexible Laminates

our factory in Shanghai,CHINA.  We always use best material to processing electric insualtion material for motor and transformers. our main product list as below. B/H/F class DMD  ( darcon myalr darcon) NMN (Nomex mylar nomex)  AMA( Aramid mylar Aramid)  DDP( diamond dotted paper) DDM Prepreg DMD F class   presspaper . pressboard. glassfiber sleeving. polyester film glassfilbe tape. 6520 fish paper. 6021 polyester film. epoxy resin prepreg DMD .NHN NH NM MMM ( Three layer mylar) .6051 polyimide film. DDP base paper from Nine Dragons holding company. That is very famous brand in China.  NMN NHN DMD base paper from Dupont. AMA base paper from X-FIPER     Glue from German HenKel brand. It is very famous brand in the world.    Processing machine update type ,max width reach 2000mm. Dotted glue very average speed.No delamination. No blister. No adhesive flowing. Good tensile strength and bonding strength.   Operate engineer more than 10 years working experience . And always learn new knowledge to improve more. We are big company in Shanghai. Factory more than 3000m2 with ISO system approval.   Each year regular attend CWIEME in Shanghai, in Istanbul. In Berlin. In Chicago.   So that is must product High quality with stable supplier for DDP. NMN.DMD etc insulation laminate material .discount 6651 NH Flexible Laminates website:
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