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Home Inspection (CA Law)

Hi everyone: Do you think 6 months after tenants move in , with 30-day Notice, the landlord can take pictures of the rental house inside and outside when s/he does home inspection?  Can landlord take the pictures of the closets and anywhere in/out the house for record when the house is rented? Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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You should have taken photos just before the tenant moved in.  You generally need to give the tenant 24 hours notice before you enter the home.  I usually tell the tenant that a week in advance and ask them what day and time works for them.  I'll do the walk through checking for damages and items that might need repair.  I would take a picture of something that needs attention.  I would not even think of taking pics in there closets or personal spaces for no reason that's very intrusive for no good purpose.
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