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Yard Maintenance  (CA Law)

Hi everyone: One of the lease terms indicates: "The Tenant shall maintain the lawn and landscaping by cutting grass, removing weeds and pruning trees". Also. the rental house with paid-off solar panels system which means tenant can save at least $100-150/month on PGE bills. Tenant also signed the letter agreed to spend the money saved from PGE to hire services for yard maintenance. However, tenants didn't do as per to the lease term and as per to signed letter, the grass and some of  followers, fruit trees became died. Can landlord deduct the security deposit in the amount that the yard service company bills to make the yard back to its original status? Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.
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Not sure how much the security deposit was or how much it will take to rectify the grass, remove dead trees....but I do not expect a tenant to care about yard, or to follow through with maintaining it; whether by owning a lawnmower and using it, or by hiring a gardener.  The tenant may not want to pay for the extra water needed to maintain the grounds, either.   Same goes for a pool--do not expect a tenant to care about the upkeep or maintenance of a pool.  As a landlord, pay for these things, even if you increase the rent (assuming the market will bear what you're asking).  Having a paid gardener and reduced PG&E included in the rent are great selling points to getting your place rented again.  Plus, as a landlord, you can deduct a gardener; the tenant cannot.  Additionally, if you live far away from your rental, a regular gardener can give you an update about the state of the yard, etc.   Then perhaps it wouldn't get to the point where it's a tear out.
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