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Vacated With Out Notice

My Scenario:  I have 2 tenants on a 12 month lease who have had shown issues that resided between them on a personal level. After staying at the property for only 2 months. Both vacated without any notice. In reviewing the lease they both signed it clearly states they are required to submit in writing 60 days prior to the end of the 12 month period. After making a few attempts in trying to contact both tenants. Only one replied with no clear legal justification as to the reason for there action in vacating the property before the end of the lease. After text messaging back and forth to try and get them to come by my office so we may bring understanding and resolution to the matter. I get a email that stated. They have spoken with a attorney and was told they do not need to pay for anything after receiving my 3 day pay or quite notice. Which they returned the keys at that time but refuse to talk. I contacted the attorney office they said was representing them. The attorney office said they no longer represent them.  The tenant had used that office some time ago with regards to a vehicle accident but had never used them for this matter. Base on what was said in conversation when they were in the property and discussing there past. It was said how they would use information to benefit them regardless if it is true or not. I have already started with my campaign to advertise and rent the property. They still refuse to pay for this month June 2018 and any other fees associated getting someone else into the property. I have been asking for a forwarding address which as of today have not received. But we have been sending emails to each other.   Question:  1. Would I need to take them to small claims court after I get someone else to take over the lease?   2. What would be the next step to re-coop my loses?   3. Could I used the email as a means to serving them necessary documents or I would have to use a Service that provides getting someone to received documents?
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