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Newbie landlord in KY

I just had a tenant move in on 7-14-18 and signed the lease. I forgot to print out the additonal forms which are the guest policy, which states a guest may not stay more than 10 days in a row or 14 days in a 6 month period without being considered an additonal occupant, wavier of insurance although it is specified in the lease, pet addendum and lead paint disclosure pamplet. I discovered this today when filing my paperwork. My question is it still legal to have her sign these documents 4 days later ?

I would say yes, as long as the 2 of you are in agreement. If she refuses to sign any or all of them I don't think you can  "make' her at this point. She can claim you didn't present them to her and she wasn't aware they were part of the lease...
As Wendy said you can't make her sign them.  But if the two of you are in agreement it is perfectly legal to sign them.  I believe the only way to legally modify a written contract is in writing.  Thanks to Judy Judy.
I forgot to mention above that these documents are already listed in the signed lease as addenda that were to be attached.
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