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Due Date Rent

I have a tenant that seems to think that the way our lease is writen that she has 5 days to pay rent.  Even though it is clear on the Lease that the 1st is the due date.   Which is essentially true ....however I have explained that I expect the rent to be due on the 1st during business hrs.  And that in extenuating cercumstances It will not incurr addtional fees until the 5th day.   She pays....but usually at 11:58 at night on the 1st.....and most of the time not intil very late on the 4th day.   Its a real problem paying my mortgage on the property in a timely manner.   Anybody have the same problem....I am wondering If I should change the lease?

I have one tenant that is always late, I did the same thing giving the 5 day grace period.  They are usually later then that and I collect the late fee I got around $700 extra from them last year.   Luckily I can make the payment on time without their payment my other units cover the amount and when they pay that is the profit.  Of course if its putting you in to a tough spot you can change the lease when it is up for renewal.  Either a flat fee or even a $10 dollar a day fee that way it puts pressure on them to pay quickly.
Change your mortgage due date so your payment won’t be late.
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