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Tenant broke the lease 5 months earlier

My tenant broke the lease 5 months earlier and left the house and bought his own property. He did mention to me over the phone 2 months prior that he is planning to do so but no specific month.  We both agreed for 1-month rent to break the lease and he agreed -again phone conversation to settle this considering he was a-OK person. Come Oct- he left the house and put the house keys in o 1-month rent-neither he picked up my calls - I tracked him down and he refused to oblige our phone agreement.  Can I sue him for breaking the lease and go court to recover my 5 months remaining lease amount as nothing was signed between us as I had to repaint and re-carpet the whole house and I am ending up no payment for the month plus a huge bill of painting and carpeting  Your thoughts ?

You definitely can sue! Just take pictures and keep the receipts of the things you had to replace. If you have any texts or emails between the2 of you that would be extremely helpful. Does your lease between you guys have a clause about breaking the lease early? Also, if you only agreed for him to pay 1 months rent to get out of the lease verbally why go after 5 months?
You have an obligation to minimize you damages by finding a new tenant.   You sue for the time the property was vacant  between the time he left and the time you got a new tenant and for any damages that are beyond normal wear and tear.
A tenant must follow his words about 1-month rent payment for early lease termination. If he is refusing to do so, collect all the proofs of early lease termination and file a case in the court. Also, recover 5 months of remaining lease amount or settle the issue by accepting 1-month rent. Thereafter you can use this money to be prepared for tenant turnover. Follow these efficient tips to handle tenant turnover-
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