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Breaking a Lease

I rented an apartment in my house in October. I gave the tenants a 1 year lease, which they signed. The lease included a section for them to sign off on the condition of the place, which they did. The first month they asked if they could paint the apartment. I had stated in my ad that we would allow that, so I took some money off of the rent so they could buy the paint. They gave me receipts. The second month they were late with the rent because of issues with their car. She tried to scale back the amount they would give me by saying they had to fix some things and that cost them money. Then the roof leaked. It has been fixed, but now they say there could be mold in the wall and when could I fix that. I saw the wall and it's not wet or didn't seem different than when they moved in. The people who do my fix-its are on vacation so I told them it would be a few weeks before we'd get to that. They keep talking about health issues. I wonder what will happen next month that will prevent them from paying full rent. Is there any way I can legally break the lease? Somebody, please help!
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