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Documentation of Early Lease Termination/Deposit Retained

I live in Washington State, but not in Seattle.  My tenant chose to purchase a home 2 months into a lease. We agreed via text message that I would find a new renter, retain their rental deposit, and release them of their obligation to pay rent for the duration of their lease.  Does the text message serve as sufficient documentation or is there paperwork I need to complete?  I understand that this leaves me at their mercy with respect to the condition in which they leave the apartment. However, the relationship has been positive, and I felt I needed to work with them on this situation, and move on in a positive manner. Getting people angry never helps - I prefer to maintain a good relationship, if possible. That seems the best way to increase the likelihood that my property will be treated with respect.

Hello. As long as both parties agree to the change in terms, that's all you would need. If anything, tell the vacating tenant your going to send them a letter with the new terms for their record.
Hi, I live in CA.  My Tenant is opting to walk away from a 2-year lease 15 days early.  Is there a form which addresses the obligation to the Landlord and/or to pay the remaining rent due?    BACKGROUND:  The tenant said she wanted an "early out" clause of 60 notice after 1 year of the 2 year contract.  I provided that.  The purpose was to facilitate buying a home.  But, months ago, she starting saying I had to reduce the rent in half given her changing financial situation (a heart surgeon) or she was leaving early.  She went back and forth ... want to stay ... two years ... one year ... etc.  I offered several options, but she never replied.  Just kept asking for more.  A week or so ago, it ended with her saying she found a rent of $3,000 with great flexibility (match it by dropping the $5,000/mo. I've locked in for her the past two years), or she would leave.  Two days ago, I got a text that she will be gone June 30th instead of July 14th.  No official notice via email or P O Box, as the contract requires.  She has gotten GREAT concessions along the way ... I pay to have her personal things hung, put in energy-saving lights, etc.  Any ideas.  This is the worst time of year to rent.  The U S Open ends two weeks before she is opting out.
I'm Confused. Now, that's assuming she's in the second (final) year of a lease. If you gave her a "early out clause" of 60 days and she's in her second year of the lease and she notified you a week or so ago then she would be in compliance. (5/15 - 7/15 is approx 60 days). Now, two days ago she says she's out on the 6/30, tell her "That's fine. But you still owe for rent up until 7/15 since 5/13 - 6/30 is less than 60 days."  Maybe it would help if you posted teh start and end dates of the existing 2 year lease.
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