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lease for roommate or allow sublet?  security deposit?

My tenants who were a couple split up.  Th guy remained and has been paying the rent but is struggling to cover costs alone.  He wants to get a roommate.  In NJ, the laws strongly favor the tenants.  Is it in my best interest to add the new screened roommate in an addendum to the existing lease, or should I allow a sublet.  Would the new roommate have squatters rights if things went bad as a lease signing tenant but not as a subleased tenent to my tenant?  Unclear what is in my best interest.  Also,  how do I handle a security deposit?  none if subletting?  evenly split if leasing?  I am inclined to allow a roommate of some kind because I dont want to get into a situation where eviction woud become necessary because it could be a lengthy expensive process in NJ. Any advice?
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Just void the existing lease and re-issue with both tenants listed.
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