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Not renewing the lease

I have a lease with a tenant whom I don't want to renew the lease.  This is a one year lease agreement that expires February 28, 2020.  But with the new rent control law coming in effect in January, 2020, will I still be able not to renew the lease with the tenant.  If so, how much time should I give her?  I would want to make sure she will move out.  Because she is a liar, I want to make sure she gets the message that I need her out of the premise.  I am afraid she will say she never got the notice.
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Is this an apartment or single family home?  This law does not apply to single family homes. You should give her notice December 28th 2019 that you are electing not to renew the lease. I don't believe a specific  reason needs to be given. Send her the notice via email, certified mail, and post on the door, you can also send with a process server.  This will prove you made every effort to give her the notice. Good luck
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