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1 of 4 tenants wishes to exit the lease without proper notice

Hello :)   I have a tricky spot I'd like to run by you all to see if you can help me.  I have a lease in place with 4 tenants.  The lease ends on 9/14/18 and a 60 day written notice is require in order to exit the agreement.  One of the tenants texted me today 8/29/18 saying that he wants out of the lease.  What would be the best practice in this situation?  Allowing him out of the agreement today would be leaving the other tenants in an unfair spot in my opinion as well as theirs.  I'd like to do what's fair to everyone involved and my thought is as of now to give the other tenants 60 days to find a new tenant to join the lease before writing a new one.   Thoughts?  Thanks in advance for your help!!
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Just contact the other three tenants to make sure they are aware.
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