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Tenants want to break lease 6 months early

Tenants wrote letter Dec. 1 to inform me they will be breaking their lease 6 months early and want my signed agreement as well as their security deposit returned. ($2495)  They give 6 reasons why the property did not meet their expectations, All complaints were rectified in a timely manner.  Biggest concern was discovery of carbon monozxide level high because of furnace problem.  After discovery, I had furnace replaced the next day.  I will try to re-rent property as of Feb. 1st.  My question is do they remain liable for rent and utilities if I am unable to rent it?  Do I keep their security deposit until the lease is over?  Should they remain as "sub-letter" or is it best to make a break?  I have checked local sources of information but get conflicting information.  We are subject to Wisconsin law.d  Thank you for considering these questions.
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they are responsible to pay until you find new tenants or their lease is up.   You should try to rerent the place as soon as possible you are responsible to mitigate your damages.
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