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Virginia Housing Department Authority vouchers

I am renting to a person using a housing voucher in the state of Virginia'. We are asking &1750.00/mo. The program will only pay $1573 and the tenant has agreed to pay the remainder of $177.00.  The issue is, the housing authority cannot know that the rent is higher than the monthly allowance or she can't rent it. She has asked me not to say anything to the case manager when they call me to verify because she will not be allowed to rent the property. She has assured me that it's 'ok and there won't e an issue' but, it sounds fraudulent and we may possibly get into trouble. She works for the housing authority so I can't call them. I don't want her to get in trouble or lose her job. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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I wouldn't do it.  If she's willing to fraudulently use the housing voucher what kind of fraud might she pull on you.
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