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refuses to renew

Hi I have a tenant that refuses to sign a new lease but he did pay the months rent what can I do???

If there is no signed lease, then the vacancy automatically resorts to MTM. If you want to put him on a lease and he refuses and you want him gone, then you have to do two things. 1. Issue a 30 day notice to vacate. 2. STOP collecting all rent. You must REFUSE all payments until the eviction process has run it's course.
I usually raise my rent $25 dollars every year to keep up with increased costs.  If a tenant doesn't want to sign a new one year lease and wants to go month to month.  I'd raise it $100-200.  I do have a auto renew clause in the lease so they'd have to let me know 60 days before the end of the lease that they are not renewing for another year.
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