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Corvid 19 non rent

Hi I am a small time landlord  in California and basically live off of my rents and need to pay the mortgage on these properties.  Two tenants have reached out to me and stated they will not be able to pay April rent.   What is my legal right? Can I request for them to make a payment plan of 2 or 3 payments for the month of April if I wait till the 6 month deffered payment I will be myself in financial hardship.  Please advised

Hi Monica - I am in the same boat as you, its tough and difficult to find information on how to handle. I had to pay my April and May mortgage payment. I have received half of June and should be getting other half today. You can try and reach out to the Fair Housing department for your county. Mine has been helpful but overall it doesn't feel like there is many options for landlords
I hope you have already figured out how to handle this issue, but I too was/am in the same boat as. you both. Howecver, I was able to reach out to my mortgage company who allowed me to skip up to 3 months of mortgage payments, and simply tacked the 3 additional months, onto the end of my mortgage.  However, whenever I have received rents paid, I have continued to pay my mortgage, which simply as kept me several months ahead, in the event I do have trouble collecting rents at some point- I will lstill have that 3 month buffer.
Can we ask as a   landlord for proof of they are having covi19  or they have loss the job because anyone can say am sick or I loss the job because of the cove but just to take advance of the situation and unfortunately we as a landlord we still having responsibilities that we have to cover with that rent like taxes pest control, insurance, maintenance...etc....
I wrote Senator Kamala Harris asked about a PPP for landlords that need the income?
Under the provisions of COVID 19 the tenant shall provide proof of loss wages/hours that has effective their income.  If so, they should provide proof to the Landlord, PM or Investor whichever the case maybe.  Payment arrangements can be made in lowering the rent during this time (some rent is better than no rent) as we all know under the Trump administration those effective by COVID 19 and are currently on UE benefits are receiving an increase in those payments vs. the standard UE benefit plus the stimulus package that we all received back in May!  I am have been very lucky I manage and own 28 units and only one tenant contacted me saying "what are you offering"?  I stated the above and she is gainfully employed!  Not one of my tenants have missed a rental payment or has been late, thus far.
I have approx 50 tenants in NJ and two have not paid since April.  I made them both sign a Promissory note with a payment plan.  This will aide in eviction if needed once the ban is lifted and will streamline any civil action as it legitimizes the debt additionally the note will affect their credit and not there is more of an incentive to pay.  My attorney took my idea and is using it for all of his clients now.
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