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landlord terminating lease

May a landlord in the state of WA terminate a lease early for any reason?

Once signed by all parties involved, a lease can only be "terminated" if all parties agree. period. Once signed, a landlord can petition (file) the court should the tenant be in violation of one or more of the terms of the lease and refuse to vacate or correct that violation. But a landlord does not have the right to just wake up one morning and decide to kick someone out "just because".
These are the legit reasons when the landlord can break the lease early- 1. Unpaid rent. 2. New occupants without the landlord's permission. 3. Tenants having a pet when there is a no-pet policy in the lease. 4. Tenants attempt any crime. 5. Tenants consuming or dealing with drugs. 6. Code violation by the tenants. If the landlord is terminating the lease illegally, here are a few actions tenants can take-
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