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asking for a Deposit

I have a tenant that has been with me for 13 years. When she first rented from us she did not pay any deposit (not my decision) Now I would like to ask for a deposit with the new one year Lease due to the fact that she has destroyed my concrete with plants and salt and dug up about 1/3 of the property and planted flowers. They are very nice, however it will be a mess if she uproots and leaves or passes away. Can I request a deposit after years of tenancy, or should I just take the possibly large financial hit when the Lease terminates?

Of course you can. You can modify anything with a new lease.
You can but is it a good idea?  Why possibly piss off a good tenant that has been there for 13 years and could be there for another 13?
I would say no. If she moves or passes. just dig up the flowers. This may cause a bad relationship.
I wouldn't. Add up the profit you have made with this tenant over 13 years. Add up what you will gain over many more years. Sometimes its best to just weigh it out.  I believe you will find you are in the plus regardless of any expense at the end of the lease. After 13 years upwards most landlords have to update to keep current. If she is content you are good to go. Had tenants for 19 years, paid rent on time, good people. When they left, place needed complete remodel. Oh well, goes with the cost of doing business. Re-rented immediately.
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