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Tenant maintenance responsibility

I have a rent house with a septic sewer system and it drains to the ditch just before the road which then drains under the road to a ditch on the otherside that runs along railroad tracks. I know this is the railroad property and they have not maintained the ditch is 20 years and the ditch is filling up with leaves, sediment, sewer and weeds which makes it difficult for it to drain. Is it the tenants responsibility to keep some type of upkeep right where the ditch drains into railroads ditch to keep it from backing up into the house or is it my responsibility since I have been unsuccessful in getting the railroad company to do anything. I have sent the railroad company several letter for several years now with nothing ever being done. I guess my question is can I tell my tenants that they have tenant maintenance responsibility in keeping our side of the ditch clean and able to drain and cleaning out just where ditch meets on other side of road.  This house is located in the country on a dead end gravel road with only 3 other residents
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