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Tenant backing out of lease 10 Days before moving in

Hi,  I am new at renting and I had tenants that were supposed to move in October 15th. Just just noticed us yesterday that the sale of their house fell through. I did my homework and saw that their house is still listed. The rental is in NJ and the lease says they owe the remaining balance of the deposit on Oct 15th(they suspiciously only put down 500).  I just rented a storage space, hired a cleaning lady and handed out m new in repairs in anticipation of getting that money back in two weeks. What are my rights as a owner. I do not have the money to had out for a lawyer and want the rent paid for until I get a new rental.

Do you have a signed lease?
Do you have a signed lease?
After reading this...the 1st thing that came to my mind is..have you signed any lease?
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