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Lease situation

We rented out one of our properties with a one year lease. Ten days after tenant moved in,  he told us he had to move out because his prior landlord was suing him for breaking that lease  We quickly showed the house to a couple that decided to take it, they signed a one year lease with first and security  check and now current tenant says he is not moving out.  Do we have the right to break the lease on the tenant?  He has been late with rent and does not keep up yard maintenance as expected.  Thanks for any advice

That's a pickle. If there is a signed agreement between you and the first tenant that he is vacating, then he has no choice but to vacate under it's terms. A text and or email would work in your favor. Without any such agreement (verbal), you'd have to take him to court if he refuses. But you may want to contact the new tenants that there may be a delay.
If the first tenant has already signed the lease-breaking agreement and now refusing to move-out, you can seek legal help for tenant eviction. First, collect all proofs such as lease-breaking document, mail or message.  Thereafter file eviction case in the court against the tenant.  To know more, visit, SGP Now:
Easiest way is to give him a 3 day pay or vacate. If he doesn’t pay in the allotted time then DO NOT accept his payment once he tries to pay rent and make sure you file eviction for nonpayment.   Hope this helps!
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