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How would I write up a lease where the absent  father pays rent

I have an applicant who is a stay at home mother of 4 young children telling me that her ex husband is her source of income. What documentation would I need to have to validate the source of income? Divorce attorney? Would I write the lease with her as the occupant and him as a co signer? If the ex husband is the only one responsible for any and all monetary aspects of the lease, would he still be considered a co signer? Absentee tenant? Tenant?  I  am sure that this situation has happened before and that there is someone out there with the knowledge that I seek. Please, if you can share with me the information needed in order to help this family without endangering my own I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You
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Don't get involved with it. Tell her "She signs, she pays." Where she gets it from is not your concern. That way, if you run into a late/missing rent, you know exactly who to hold responsible.
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